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Invisalign for Bite Alignment – Invisalign Dallas

Use Invisalign to Align Your Bite fast

Realigning Your Bite the Clear Way

A poorly aligned bite can do more than just negatively impact your overall appearance. It can also cause pain and discomfort in your jaw, as well as wear down your teeth much quicker than you think. Your teeth are meant to be in alignment, so when they’re not, this can lower self-esteem and cause your oral health to deteriorate. Fortunately, Dr. Davina Prida can fix your misaligned bite with Invisalign in Dallas! Using clear aligners made of plastic, Dr. Prida can map out your smile to move in such a way that by the end of your treatment, you’ll notice a healthier, more beautiful smile that can last a lifetime. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and find out how you can achieve outstanding results with Invisalign.
Get Your Bite Back Into Alignment with Invisalign in Dallas

Why Should I Fix My Bite?

Whether you think your misaligned bite is much to worry about or not, it’s best to have it looked at and more than likely, treated. A bite that does not allow for your teeth to properly line up can cause serious problems now and further down the road, such as:
  • Speech difficulties
  • Social anxiety
  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD)
  • Excessive wear and tear on your teeth
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How Can Invisalign Correct My Bite?

Invisalign is designed so that crooked teeth, overcrowding, spaces between teeth, and bite issues are easily remedied with these clear aligners. If you thought having a mouth full of metal was the only way to achieve a straighter smile, you’ll be happy to know these plastic trays can be life-changing for individuals looking to improve the look and health of their smile.
Invisalign can fix the following bite alignment problems:
  • Overbite: When the upper teeth are pushed out over the bottom teeth, you have an overbite.
  • Underbite: When the bottom teeth protrude farther out than the top teeth, this is what is known as an underbite.
  • Crossbite: If your teeth overlap when closing your mouth, you have a crossbite, and this type of problem can lead to excessive wear and tear on your pearly whites.
  • Open Bite: Do your teeth not meet when you close your mouth? If they do not, you have an open bite.
  • Dental Midlines: If you have TMD or jaw-related problems, it’s like there is a problem in the back of your mouth known as your dental midlines.

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