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Studies show that about one-third of adult Americans are unhappy with their smile. It may seem superficial, but a fresh and healthy-looking smile creates a perception, whether it is true or not, about a person’s professional success and social standing. The nicer the smile, the better the person. This is far from the actual reality, but it is hard to get away from the physical evidence that seems to say otherwise. If you have crooked teeth, misalignments or gaps in your smile, your cosmetic dentist in Dallas, Dr. Brownlee, can help you change your own perceptions and that of others, by choosing Invisalign, one of the most revolutionary teeth straightening treatments on the planet today.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign strives to do what is says it does, which is be invisible. This teeth straightening process uses smooth, comfortable, clear plastic trays that fit over the teeth and gently and subtly move them into the desired place. Using X-rays, pictures and impressions to create a precise 3-D image of your teeth, custom-fitted trays are designed especially for your individual treatment plan. Depending on your individual case, each tray is generally worn for about 2-3 weeks and then discarded for the next one in the series. Your teeth will gently move into the proper position in as little as a year, but the total time will vary depending on your individual needs and desires.

Benefits of Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

While both braces and Invisalign can straighten teeth, Invisalign offers many benefits that traditional braces cannot. The following is a comparison on what you can expect from each treatment system:

  • Color — Invisalign is very subtle, while braces, even enamel colored ones are much more visible.
  • Treatment Time — Invisalign on average is 6-18 months, while traditional braces takes about 2 years or longer.
  • Maintenance — Invisalign trays are simple to clean, while keeping the brackets and wires of traditional braces clean is a much larger task.
  • Comfort — Invisalign are more comfortable and have no issues with food getting caught, where braces can create painful sores and get food stuck in them.
  • Removable — You can remove Invisalign to eat, play a sport or instrument, but traditional braces are stationary and require many lifestyle changes.

What Can I Expect?

In order to receive optimal results, you must commit to wearing your Invisalign trays for up to 22 hours a day. The more consistent you are in wearing them, the quicker the treatment plan will go. Here are a few things that can help you get the most out of your treatment plan:

  • Plan meals so that you can adhere to amount of time it is recommended you wear your trays.
  • It is important that you brush your teeth after each meal, so be sure you have a toothbrush kit to carry with you while you are out.
  • Your clear trays may stain, so be sure to brush well after each meal, Brush with extra care after drinking things like coffee, red wine or tea.
  • Do not use toothpaste to clean your Invisalign trays because of the abrasive ingredients contained in them, which could cause build up or odor. Use mild detergent or soap instead.
  • For some people, it may take a little time to get used to the trays while speaking, but don’t be concerned as it will get better with time.
  • Above all be patient. It usually can take about a year to correct your smile, but each case varies with individual needs. Be prepared to see the process through and you will be delighted with the results.

About the Author

Dr. Davina Prida earned her degree at Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, where she graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). She is a member of the Dallas County Dental Society, Texas Dental Association, American Dental Association, and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Prida is also a member of the Texas Army National Guard. One of her main focuses is creating beautiful Smiles. She ia a Top Dallas Dentist Providing High Quality Dental Care, General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, and Reconstructive Dentistry. Dr Davina Prida is fulfilling her vision of bringing the very best in cosmetic dentistry, reconstructive dentistry and general dentistry to Dallas at Inwood Village Dental. Dr. Prida’s approach of dental excellence and her use of advanced techniques, create the most natural, beautiful smiles possible. Dr. Prida is Dallas’ top cosmetic dentist, creating amazing smile makeovers with veneers, dental implants, dental crowns and bridges and Invisalign®. If you have questions about your dental treatment or dental care options, don’t hesitate to contact her at Inwood Village Dental or at (214) 352-2777.

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