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Best teeth whitening in Dallas
Teeth Whitening At Inwood Village Dental Brightens Your Smile.
At Inwood Village Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, we know better than anyone else how much your smile affects your appearance and confidence. When your teeth have become discolored, it can quickly cause your self-esteem to plummet. As your cosmetic dentist in Dallas, Dr. Prida can help restore a bright, white smile with professional teeth whitening treatments—and they’re all from the comfort of your own home! Using our safe and effective at-home whitening systems, stains will fade away in a short period of time, giving you a smile you can’t stop showing off!

Dallas Teeth Whitening

best teeth whitening at Inwood Village Dental

How Can Professional Teeth Whitening Lift Stains?

Tooth discoloration is unavoidable. It comes with years of wear and tear on the teeth and its natural part of the aging process. However, the level of darkness on your teeth is influenced by several factors, causing your teeth to look much dimmer and yellow way before their time. While age and genetics play a large role in the darkening of your teeth, the foods and drinks that you choose to have can also impact the color of your teeth. Foods and drinks that are dark or acidic, like black coffee, dark teas, and red, blue, or purple berries, will cause stains to show on your teeth much faster.

Heavily colored alcohol such as red wine, sangria, or malts in beer can often lead to stained teeth and dullness. Smoking or using chewing tobacco products can make the enamel of your teeth more likely to stain. Once you start using nicotine products, it doesn't take long for your teeth to take on a yellowish appearance. In some cases, medication and medical conditions can even cause the teeth to discolor. Either way, cosmetic dentistry in Dallas can help you get the bright smile you’re truly desiring.

You might be tempted to try an over the counter product, but they simply won’t be able to achieve the results that professional-grade teeth whitening products can provide. Why? These products do not contain strong enough whitening agents to deeply penetrate the enamel and lift those pesky stains. In addition, any results you do achieve will not be the dramatic change you’re looking for, nor will they last very long. To achieve drastic, lasting results, you need a professional Dallas teeth whitening treatment. You can rely on the professional-grade whitening system our office offers.
If you are ready to love your smile—or maybe you just want a boost of confidence—it’s time for professional teeth whitening. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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