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The dental field is constantly evolving as new advancements are made each year. Your dentist in Inwood Village has seen various new findings that could potentially improve your oral health and the level of care you receive. Here are 10 of the top recent discoveries in dentistry.

1. Oral Health and Low Testosterone in Men

A study performed by Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry found that low testosterone levels in monkeys increased the risk for periodontal disease. The results also showed that castrated males had signs of gum disease and other oral health issues when compared to those that were intact. With the increasing rates of prostate cancer leading to lowered testosterone levels in humans, the results could show relevance in adult males.

2. Needleless Dental Anesthetic

Now, there may no longer be a need for needles to deliver anesthetics as a small electric current can be used instead. This not only provides a needless solution, but will also save time and money.

3. Glass Restorations

Engineers at Oregon State University found that bioactive glass used in composite tooth fillings can reduce the growth of bacteria. While the glass has been used in bone healing for several years, these results could significantly impact the dental community.

4. Gum Disease Linked to Cancer

The University of Louisville School of Dentistry found that 61% of patients with a form of esophageal cancer also had gum disease. There is now a clear connection between bacterial infections influencing certain types of cell abnormalities, leading to cancer.

5. Multiple Fillings Increase Mercury in Blood

A new study found that adults with eight or more metal fillings had 150% more mercury in their blood than those without them. Although they are deemed safe, this could indicate that they can be dangerous to your health.

6. Cavity Prevention Could Include a Pill

A super strain of oral bacteria could reduce cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth, preventing the development of tooth decay. This could lead to the development of a supplement or probiotic to prevent cavities.

7. Chemicals in Plastic May Damage Teeth

The European Congress of Endocrinology found that plastics may weaken the teeth by altering hormone levels that are needed to promote the growth of enamel. Now, you may want to rethink plastic water bottles and storage containers to protect your smile.

8. Heightened Risk for Tooth Decay for Mouthbreathers

According to a new study, those who breathe through their mouth while sleeping have an increased risk for cavities due to a bacterial biofilm that develops from dryness.

9. Oral Bacteria Could Treat Illness

Researchers found that isolating a bacteria in human saliva could treat celiac disease, autoimmune disorders, and other conditions that occur with gluten consumption.

10. Reduction of Dental Drilling

Dr. Douglas Benn, D.D.S, Ph.D. created a diagnostic liquid solution that can be applied to the teeth to show if a tooth is pre-cavity or had cavitated decay. This allows for early detection while preventing further damage, reducing the need for anesthesia or drilling.

Future of Dentistry

As new discoveries are made each year, choose a general and cosmetic dentist in Inwood Village who remains on the forefront of the latest advancements for superior care.

About the Author

Dr. Davina Prida earned her degree at Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, where she graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). She is a member of the Dallas County Dental Society, Texas Dental Association, American Dental Association, and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Prida is also a member of the Texas Army National Guard. One of her main focuses is creating beautiful Smiles. She ia a Top Dallas Dentist Providing High Quality Dental Care, General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, and Reconstructive Dentistry. Dr Davina Prida is fulfilling her vision of bringing the very best in cosmetic dentistry, reconstructive dentistry and general dentistry to Dallas at Inwood Village Dental. Dr. Prida’s approach of dental excellence and her use of advanced techniques, create the most natural, beautiful smiles possible. Dr. Prida is Dallas’ top cosmetic dentist, creating amazing smile makeovers with veneers, dental implants, dental crowns and bridges and Invisalign®. If you have questions about your dental treatment or dental care options, don’t hesitate to contact her at Inwood Village Dental or at (214) 352-2777.

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